About Australian Man Cave

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The Australian Man Cave was the brain storm of Pastor Agostino Gattellari (aka Ag) and Pastor Luigi Greco (aka Lou) which had their first get together August 2017.

Ag and I had spoken about starting a men’s support group for a couple of years and then after the tragic suicide of a dear friend of Ag’s, we stopped talking about it and just dove straight in. We had no idea of how it was going to run or how or what we were going to do. So we just did!!!! The one thing we want to achieve with The Australian Man Cave is lower the suicide rate amongst men of all ages.

We set a date, we told as many men as we could via our own personal contacts, family and friends, oh and of course social media. Then we picked a location and as they say the rest is history. Ag and I tried to give ourselves no expectations, just simply put it in God’s hands and go for it. We got 8 men at our first get together, since then we get between 15 to 20 regular guys coming along and growing.

So after we did all the organising we sat down and discussed how we were going to run the day. Typical men, doing things arse about (to coin an old phrase)
Ag and I agreed that if we are going to attract men to a support group and reach as many as possible it can’t be Churched based but instead secular and generic, not an easy task for two Pastors but if we are going to be successful we have to be down to earth and realistic about our approach.

The Australian Man Cave, where we listen to you not judge you