A message from Lou…

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So many times I get messages copy this paste that in support of mental health.

That’s great but what are we achieving…..

Greater awareness yes but no real feet on the ground real support or solutions.

In an attempt to give real support to men with any problem and an attempt to lower suicide amongst men of all ages Agostino Gattellari and myself six months ago started the Sunday Morning Man Cave.

So we now ask if you really want to show your support whether you have an issue or not, get off your phone, get off your backside and make a real effort by coming along to one of our Sunday Morning Man Cave get together. Held once a month 2nd Sunday of every month.

It is casual and relaxed but also a lot of fun.

A chance for all to share or just listen. Important is that you simply come along.

Sunday Morning Man Cave where we listen to you not judge you

Next get together this Sunday 11th February at 9am for a BBQ breakfast at 56 Kenneth Slessor drive Glenmore Park.

Don’t need to bring anything but yourself and / or a friend.

The Australian Man Cave – Where we listen to you not judge you

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