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Mission (what we want to do now):

Bring men together in a safe environment with other men to express personal fears, joys, hardships, struggles and hopes.

We create the above by providing a safe place where confidentiality is paramount and political correctness does not have a place.

Expression by any means possible is important, while verbal expression is preferred, it is understood that verbal expression does not always work for everyone.

As men, physical activities (social, engaging, hands-on) are releasing tension and allow for spaces to open towards conversation.


VISION (what we want to be in the future):

Reducing the human cost of particularly the male population in dealing with the routinely degradation of the values and responsibilities in Australian men, leading to suicide, self-harm and other serious impacts





  • Establishing The Australian Man Cave by operating an independent not-for-profit organisation where men can come together and share without judgement or boundaries
  • Creating a business plan of which this original blueprint can form the foundation
  • Identifying the varied ways in which trauma in its hidden forms and shapes can appear, and through support and respect can be addressed
  • Learn more about the varied healing methods and methodologies and expose participants to these in a nurturing environment
  • Establish a daily running sheet with a basic outline to be followed per session


2).    MID TERM

  • Identify venues and activities to be shared with participants
  • Identify fund raising events in support of the activities
  • Establish monthly meetings with core and periphery members


  • Identify opportunities for other TAMC to establish themselves with the support of the founding TAMC (I)
  • Support through minimal management the newly established TAMCs throughout the nation
  • Identify ways to further identify the issues men face and find ways to address these to the benefit of the membership
If you like, contact us using the form below or drop us a line via the following email address:
info@TAMC.comIn case of urgent need for assistance contact the helpline of
Step Together”   of  “beyond blue“.