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TAMC unanimously decides to postpone the Automotive Woodstock event in the interest of Public Health.

The Australian Man Cave Automotive Woodstock
TAMC Committee decided unanimously to postpone the Automotive Woodstock event.

After careful deliberation and consideration the TAMC Executive Team has decided to postpone the unique and truly original TAMC Automotive Woodstock “For The Love of Living (4LOL)” event in the interest of Public Health. We will keep you posted via our social media and by emails if you are on one of our mailing lists.

TAMC President and Committee member meet with Dr Teo

Dinner with Lou Greco, President, TAMC Men’s Support Group, Alana Phadke, CEO, Charlie Teo Foundation and eminent neurosurgeon Professor Charlie Teo to discuss men’s issues regarding depression and suicide and the latest research using MRI technology to map the brain to identify the different levels of depression and TMS protocols to treat the condition.

Lou Greco

P.S. Our personal chef for the evening was Luke Mangan who is the owner of Glass Brassiere at the Hilton Hotel, Sydney, to say the service and the food was outstanding is an understatement, simply AMAZING! Christian Tees Alicia Galea Toni Lane — bij glass brasserie.