The Australian Man Cave

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TAMC is here to support men in dealing with their changing environments. Challenges are identified on the social, economic and mental levels.

TAMC has designed a unique way of addressing men on their own terms by allowing the space and time through a varied environment that stimulates and allows personal expression without judgement of presenting immediate answers. Key is to let men speak and express themselves on their own level.

Activities to assist in this expression vary, with some common denominators; always combined with active listening to identify needs. This is followed by access of professional resources after negotiating needs and wants taking individual preferences into account.

“With the main aim of reducing male suicide in Australia, TAMC also is concerned with the general health of all men and boys. The challenges faced by many men and boys on an economic and social scale is phenomenal.

Throughout the history of human beings, we have always relied on people around us to help us. It is critical it is very important.

We need that, we desire that, we crave that. When people are in a state of crisis and they have other support systems they can access and help them, they do better in the long-run.” – Johan Hausouls’ address at the Inaugural TAMC public event

The big question here is what is helpful, and do we dare to take risks to help.

Finding an answer to that question can be understood if you sit in the seat of the suffering alongside the people.

At TAMC we have identified unique ways to help and address some of our society’s most important issues.

Questions like “what helped you?” are important to ask and work with. In addition, surprise surprise… “what did not help you?” is just as important. And why?

By using a number of steps and taking into account some basic rules we can and will be able to help those in need.