Where We Listen Not Judge

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TAMC = Mates Helping Mates

When we get together we do not presume to know what you need or want. You visit us and participate, to than see what comes out of that. We will listen to what you have to say, either in small groups, individual settings or in front of all there on the day. Most important you will feel that you are amongst mates.

Our activities are designed with participation in mind, however if you feel you do not want to do that, that is okay too. This is your time to make sense of the world/ issues you are dealing with and we are here to support you. Having said that the committee in general and the executive in particular want you to participate in the activities since they may take your mind off the issues you are trying to deal with, allowing for words to flow easier and discussion as well as needs to arise. Once we know where you are at and what you want/ need we will be able to identify the most appropriate additional help for you through our established network of help services